The artistic work that I have been developing for several years is based on the idea of identity.
In order to focus better this concept, I have ideally subdivided it in three areas of research.
First of all, I concentrated on the elements which form the idea of personal identity.
There are plenty of aspects that I have been considering since I started, such as:
– the sexsual identity and its connections
– the capacity of perception of ourselves and the reconstruction of identity’s idea. My works as Repert 2007, Self portrait 2008 and Exercize for a selfportrait 2009 refer to these issues
– the racial and cultural identity
– the physical changes, in the long run, which modify the perception of ourselves
– the memory as reconstruction of ourselves. In relation to this I have made use of some photos of my family to create material’s dolls which represent them. Memories 2006 and Memories 2008 are an example of this.
At this point I started to work at the second area of research, that is ,the use of masks and material’s dolls.
The mask is used as element of representation of a symbolic identity. He who wears the mask, assumes an other identity and on the contrary the mask takes possession of of the identity of the person who wears it.
The idea of identity at this level is connected with the representation of the subject and it isn’t connected any more with one’s own indivivduality.
The last one area of research is connected with the influence of some aspects of contemporary culture, such as: the social contaminations, the influence of media on social behaviours, the changes in the capacity to recognize ourselves or to belong to social models. My works as Ectasy and Party 2008 are an example of it.
About technical issues, first of all, I have to say that all my works start from the realization of a tracing of my body.
This tracing is periodically realized, just to record the changes of my body , in the long run.
Most of my works are realized with a rubber which is poured inside the tracing. In this way I obtain a skin which reproduces the image of myself.
Usually these rubber’s bodies are sewn each other or on the material’s dolls that I create. As you can see in the previous images.
I don’t use only installations but also other ways. I have realized some works using the photograpy and I have just ended my first video.
However I always use my image in all my works, indipendently by the techniques..

I mention of the text – interview, of the journalist Claudia Barana. This resume very well my work.

…“Emptied, without bones or muscles, the bodies multiplied and become the ground where the artist’s experience took root.
They are latex casts, the images of the body that repeats itself, shows itself, and splits. It is only a thin porous membrane through which we perceive and are perceived. Skin – bodies that demonstrate evolution and aging, that represent the limit, the diaphragm that separates us from others but at the same time allows us to communicate with them. To adapt to Wilma kun’s artistic reserch, the skins are compressed to fit into a transparent box or expanded to become a sculpture, a curtain, a carpet, a cushion or simply a mask. The brasilian artist makes a series of casts of her own body using an artisan method: she waits patiently for the latex and rubber wrapped around her body to take shape and make the invisible become visible. Year after year she sees her figure change. A process that leads the artist to think about her own identity and compare it with that of the viewers. “My body becomes an icon that allows me to talk about identity, mine and that of others. I am questioning the way we perceive ourselves and others. The representation we
have of ourselves.”


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